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The court heard the parents 'prioritised' their own needs over that of their child and failed to buy him clothes or food.A previous child they had, referred to as Child A (with the couple, left), was taken into care for the same reason.The court was told how Davies kept a diary about her pregnancy in which she said 'pregnancy is p***ing me right off' and complained how the 'monstrosity' made her 'feel fat'.The couple were living together in Bolton when Davies gave birth to a baby boy on August 23 2016, a jury heard.Nadezhda Srivastava (right) has spoken out for the first time since almost getting mauled to death by a tiger when she accidentally locked herself in a cage at a Russian zoo.The terrifying moment (left and inset) was photographed and went viral as the experienced zookepper was left fighting for her life in hospital.The mother-of-three has emotionally revealed she feared she was going to die and thought of her family as the beast mauled her in a ten-minute ordeal.Helpless onlookers threw chairs and objects at the predator in a bid to frighten it off but Ms Srivastava said those minutes ‘felt like an eternity’.

Friends plan to scramble a helicopter to search for Mr Allen amid fears he may have got lost, been bitten by a snake, otherwise been injured or contracted malaria, which he has suffered from in the past.

Grace, his wife, is said to have fled to Namibia according to an opposition MP, though there has been no official confirmation of her whereabouts.

In his first contact with the outside world since the takeover, Mugabe spoke by telephone to the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and told him he was confined to his home but fine, the South African presidency said in a statement.

Britain was told to pay back £450million by the International Chamber of Commerce in a 2009 ruling - but has not done so because UN and EU sanctions on military equipment forbid the payment.

Zimbabwe is under the control of the country's military after troops, who are holding President Robert Mugabe (bottom left with his wife) under house arrest (the Mugabe home pictured inset), seized the state broadcaster.

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Through most of the Queen and Prince Philip's 70-year marriage, rumours of his alleged affairs have been rife.